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A Sunday afternoon in the darkness. The electricity being cut off by a snowstorm. The only glow that brightens the shady room comes from the crackling fireplace and my laptop which is screaming in need to be charged, so I’m not sure if this post, I’m writing will survive at all. I hope it does, as I promised a girl, from the distant America, to tell about my Glamor.tumblr_mf40xyPp3D1rfqvs6o2_500

It’s coffee. A sparkling clutch. A pair of high heel shoes. An episode of Gossip Girl or the most nostalgic one of the Sex & The City. A white shirt and skinny jeans to walk Jackie O’s path. Huge glasses to hide the gaze and the hangover. Audrey Hepburn. Ladurée macaroons and dark chocolate. Fresh flowers at home and lights of candles. A pair of flats in the most frenetic days and a beret. A glass of cold white wine. Loose hair. Scarfs. A good book and a great song. A dinner, up to midnight. Painted nails. A black turtleneck sweater. A bicycle ride, wearing Converse and panama. Coco Chanel, her pearls, her grit and her bags. A dress by Oscar De La Renta. Sketches by Igor + André. Getting a massage on a boring winter day. A touch of magic even in the little things. Charm of imperfection. And a wonderful smile: that’s the meaning of Glamor for me.

All the rest is just boredom .. or ephemeral trends.g1 280419514267484854LYVghtunc tumblr_ma326ooFvu1r9y7i5o1_1280 246079567109379295_04IptVqN_f_largeg5tumblr_mekni6Rt1r1qdm4tlo1_500tumblr_l0qiqmOkH11qb0lhgo1_400_large218776494367865083pKosxjeSc g7 g8tumblr_m0jiatyPOY1qafc06o1_500g10g9ail_570xN.287682395g11btumblr_ls9620dK1L1qcjyv7o1_500

Is there something/anything you can relate or add to my simply glamorous list of things you find in your ordinary day?


Images via: (Tumbrl – Weheartit – TheGiftsofLife- StockholmStreetstyle – Igorandandre.blogspot)