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Olivia Palermo Vogue Spain 7Like when you lose your head over a song, a smell, a story.
Like when you are dancing until your feet hurt and you can’t catch your breath.
Like when you look in the mirror and smile.
Like when you go to the library without hurry and no idea about the books you want to read. Just walk the isles containing millions of volumes, smell the paper and wish to read all of those stories.
Like when you go out to dinner with friends.
Like when you get a message that you do not expect.
Like when your dad hands you a glass of wine and you both giggle.
Like when you lie in bed and feel the tiredness that runs along the legs. And you turn off the light, satisfied with the day.
Like when wearing the first sweater of the season.
Like when you love surprises.
Like when, as now, you let flow the thoughts and desires, and pleasures, and moments of negligible happiness.
Like when the black pencil skirt stretches without too much damage.
Like when you wake up and you feel like a princess. With messy hair and a big tee but still – a princess.
Like when you believe in something: God, the horoscope or a Hermes scarf.

Like when you’re home for Christmas.
Like when it’s snowing outside. And you’re happy.

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