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tumblr_m31dl11ysE1rsnx76o1_500From many months (almost) every morning we have breakfast together, starting the day with a good-morning, with coffee and a little dose of beauty. Therefore, I want to take a bow in front of every single One of You, who spend their, oh, so precious time with me while reading my blog.

I can’t promise to continue writing the coming year.

Or make this place more welcoming or fun, or glamorous.

Tonight, as the 2013 take over – I should be considering making it awesome, but I can’t promise anything – not to you, not even to myself.

So I won’t.

I won’t promise to drink two liters of water every day, to eat more vegetables and to hit the sack early. To iron the sheets, to curse less, to reduce the caffeine amount in my life and continue writing the unconvincing to-do lists. I will not swear in front of the shiny MacBook to keep the closet – and the shoe rack – clean, to improve my English, to stop doing compulsive shopping and being always low on petrol. To learn cooking, to take the stairs (and to not use the elevator), to see movies in their original language and to use the sunblock in winter.

If it’s truthful, that we improve ourselves every year; if it’s real, that tolls and purposes are useless (you’ll only regret the time wasted doing them); if it’s actual, that eventually we learn to love ourselves – tonight the only thing I wish for is to have courage. Because that’s what I need, to follow my dreams and my happiness. Wherever it is .. and I already know it’s not in the gym.

I wish you all a 2013 that amazes you. Moves you. And makes you fall in love with it.tumblr_mfth5ypj9F1rvay1qo1_500tumblr_mdk2obKdmf1qh83vro1_500tumblr_mdjlhstQsj1rq5hvco1_500tumblr_m6gqt9L6Mr1qh83vro1_500tumblr_l9l8yhghwh1qam5hdo1_500tumblr_lv5lfh3cnS1ql4ioto1_500tumblr_ma4dwen7ph1qhoe3vo1_500tumblr_m4fdlzaFg71r8zp5co1_500tumblr_m00uc5S1ny1r91dkto1_500293906_541081985916724_693365028_n_largexoxo

Always Yours,

Coffee Addict Greta