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SONY DSCIt’s time. For high heel shoes to take their spot in the closet and sequenced dresses to hit the dry cleaner’s address. For the blanket on the sofa and the chamomile tea with lemon as a midnight cuddles. For the maxi sweater so big – I could thrust my thoughts in. For grabbing an apple rather than another appetizing snack laid for me on a tray… so tempting. For wine bottles to fill in the half empty wine rack instead of my glass. For taking a break from all the holiday fuss I have been enrolled for two weeks.

I’ve missed my simple home-made foods and idle long evenings in front of the fireplace with an intriguing book. And yesterday, the first day of the month, the new year,  I spent doing nothing. Some movies, a book and a long walk in the deserted city were more delightful than any fancy party of the latest days. Also the food – so artless, yet so filling and joyful – colored my first day of 2013.

Strawberries, yogurt and poppy seeds.

braskesaguonosSome chicken with vegetables for lunch.vistokasčMango, avocado, mozzarella, sunflower seed salad in the evening.

mocarela avokadai mangaiPlus an avocado with some shrimp, tomatoes + sun dried tomatoes and cashews. The dressing was so-so (yogurt and a bit of tomato paste.)  razinos anakardziai jogurtasAnd some tea with “benefits”.SONY DSCThat’s all. Submitted to the party at Jen’s Peas & Crayons.

But before you go, could you suggest this Coffee Addict some flavors of your favorite tea? I would truly appreciate some variety in my cupboards.