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SONY DSCSo despite all the beautiful things – candles, flowers, books, my man and two crazy cats at home – how have I been?! To tell you the truth, my friends – pretty shitty since this morning. When after cheating on gym for the whole December, two weeks of indulging in whatever this holiday offered – I’ve stepped on the scales and it said “Holy shit, how many people is that?” The cruel scale. I H.A.T.E. you!

Thank god, I can fit into a dress for tomorrow’s wedding! Oh, no, not mine! And no, I’m not the bridesmaid (just a guest) – my boyfriend’s brother is getting married! But I’d love to over shine the bride! I’m evil!

Man, how stupid numbers are able to ruin my brains and turn me into a spiteful person. I feel like kicking someone!!!Something!

Neah. I’m not anything like that.

But to avoid that horrid experience I SHOULD be going to the gym, not just enrolling in it, because when I exercise and gain I feel all differently than when I’m not and see those digits go skyward!

Ok, less talking, more doing – right?!

Therefore, after my coffee…SONY DSC

And nothing like breakfast, but I just craved that thing this morning.SONY DSC

After leaving my new awesome slippers, I’ve got for Christmas in the closet.SONY DSC

I’ll be getting my sneakers on and hitting the gym!!

Last chance to get the flat stomach by tomorrow. Haha! I wish!

I really hope the scales have been kind to you after holidays, guys! And I wish you all a wonderful Friday colored pink!


PS Just a note to tell you that despite my whining – gaining weight is a good thing for me (I can’t believe I’m writing this???!!!) My bones could use some more protection to be shield in. It’s just dealing with it is so uncool! Peace, loves!