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rytasAnd here I am. Again in front of the screen of my Mac, poised between yawning and hyperactivity, a bit like the sky of the city in early January that seems unable to choose between gray clouds full of water and a timid sun.

And here I am, captured in his look and smile – so similar – I can read his thoughts. I love our wordless mornings.

And here I am. With a thousand and one project in the drawer and even more in my head; his hand passing me a cup of coffee that smells cinnamon.

And here I am putting the pictures in order to show you a piece of my real life. There’s what I ate Tuesday, loves. Enjoy.wiawphotobutton

Coffee made by the my amazing boyfriend. I love it, because he is usually asleep when I head out to work.SONY DSC

Being a good girlfriend I decided to treat us both with pancakes inspired by beautiful Lucie, I’ve made some adjustments to her recipe replacing buckwheat flour with almond flour and I used whole eggs as well. Topped with a bit of sour cream and sugar free cherries jam. blynaiLunch: aka turkey Cesar salad dressed with olive oil and Parmesan cheese. cezario kalakutienaSnack.ob

Dinner: Chicken/Brie salad.vistiena briDessert.picture 038

Wanting to wish you a day that is just like a dream. Or even better.