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Today I’ve noticed that I completely abandoned my *Passion for Fashion page. When ones work is so tight to fashion – it gets a little boring somehow. But today I’ve finished early, therefore I want to share a post on of one of my favorite fashion icons ever.o16She does not need any introduction: every fashion victim perfectly knows who she is, and that she has an impeccable and endless closet. Her outfits are always perfect and make her famous, even more than her resume: she is charismatic and has that palpable charm and super feminine style, she gets the “socialite mark” and the seat in the front rows at the fashion shows. Rumor says that the Gossip Girl’s stylists have based the Upper East Sider’s (where she has grown up) character of Blair on her.

She prefers skirts rather than trousers, often matched with white shirts and silk blouses. Unfailing very high heels and IT-bags (by Hermes, Chloe and Miu Miu, preferably). Statement necklaces, diamond earrings and red nail polish perfectly accomplish her ​​looks. She also gives herself a touch of “humanity”, frequently wearing sandals and maxi-shirts or carrying a studded clutch bag made in Zadar. In my opinion – she is adorable.51298883225728308GCAbnjkWc 55169164154771147gyadXu3nc 55169164154772514RE9jwAbHc 111956740706965552Lt5UhP2Rc 231513237064017245obJJvNknc

o30 Olivia-PalermoIMG_0093 OliviaPalermoLondon-FashionWeekOliviaPalermoo48Images via: http://pinterest.com/greta777/