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My last weekend ended up not as I’ve planned. My colleague got sick and I had to substitute for her spending my holidays in the office.

I’ve also overlooked my boyfriend – who did some work outside, in our garden – not dressed up properly (god, they can be children sometimes!) and was knocked down by the flue on Sunday afternoon. He took some days off work this week and surpassed our kitchen creating some amazing meals for both of us.

Poor some coffee, loves and take a peek at some awesome meals we ate yesterday.


Breakfast: Ricotta cheese with strawberries.


Lunch. Chicken drumsticks with potatoes. I was allowed to chop some veggies on the side.


Snack. Avocado with some olive oil and flat crisp bread (gluten free).


Dinner. The seafood salad. It was so good, I did not take a proper picture of what it was made of. Some wine to enjoy as well.


At the end we’ve shared a bar of Lindt chocolate.


The boyfriend’s art submitted to Jenn’s Peas&Crayons


What can I say. Even while sick – men are just better in the kitchen? Don’t you think?