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These pictures were taken yesterday, on one of those Tuesdays which you wish to rename Comfort. When you decide on Converse, oversized trousers and leather jacket for coziness. When the only memory of winter is a cashmere scarf, you thrust your face in. In one of those days in the end of January –  when the city decides to give us a springy sun ignoring the freezing wind – you cannot  fall in love again with this city or a person holding your hand: truly, madly, deeply.

Here you go, loves: that’s what I ate in Comfort.

First: my boyfriend drove me to the gym. My car seems to be dying – which is sad, but anyway this is my pre-workout meal. Haha!9713_531970260164705_427235882_n

Next was lunch: meal for two: simple and comfy – salmon, potatoes, veggies.lasisa

Snack: hotel breakfast kind of plate and coffee. Love those.374784_316076325087434_2077482515_n

Dinner: everything and greens. Very filling. SONY DSCA few pieces of these is the MUST!317532_508948005800264_717942707_nVoila! Submitted to Jenn’s Peas & Crayons. wiawphotobutton

I’m back to work today after three days off which I adored. It’s good it’s Wednesday. I can smell the weekend.