This post made my heart beat faster!
So similar. So well known. So me.
So courageous.
We usually hide things like that from the world and even ourselves.
Feeling the shame of who we are. The imperfect ones.
Being scared to be misunderstood and rejected.
Lucie, an amazing girl from Switzerland is unafraid to lead a healthy living blog and to speak about her imperfections and small failures. I hope you’ll be inspired by this post as much as I was.

Wandering and Wondering.

Good morning friends! I am linking up on Thankful Thursday round 12, today from sunny Spain! A post about my trip here will be on Saturday, I recommend to check it out – loads of pics! But now first to a very personal post today thanks to my beautiful Jessie who is hosting this great campaign.


I am thankful for this post. It helped me SO much last week. Greta is THE inspiration for me and I was truly thankful for being able to reach out to her.

(ED = Eating Disorder)

When you read my about page, I said, that I binge or starve sporadically. This is true. It happens, when I am under a lot of emotional or physical stress and I do not find an alternative to cope with the feelings that occur. Then I turn to my old ’emotional eating’ habits. In the past, my…

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