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tumblr_me8hxoeIWZ1rl9vbqo1_500I should go to the gym, and not just enroll in it. Or I should do yoga. And it wouldn’t be a bad idea to buy a skipping rope. Maybe it would be enough even going shopping on foot. Then I should eat in a healthier way: all vegetables, yogurt and fruit… and skip on cheese. And learn to cook something. Though cheese as an ingredient makes everything taste batter. I should follow my instinct, not being overwhelmed by the fear of doing wrong. I should wash my car more often and stop leaving “safety shoes” on the passenger’s side. I should refrain from buying lip-glosses, blushes in “healthy” color and lighters. And from watching romantic movies which I know inside out. I should buy Baggy Jeans, as winter’s trend imposes. I should read more books (magazines don’t count!) and find my way home not using the Google Map. I should dare more: with colors, matchings, heels.. after learning how to walk in them. I should have patience, and memory, to keep the “good purposes” list, written in January, and take it back in the fullness of time.

Yeah, the everlasting Should list that overtakes me every time the new week dwells on, while having my coffee… Inhale. Fell the aroma’s opera to opiate my mind. Smile. Whisper “I will”. And move on with my day.



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Would you mind sharing one ever lasting “should” from your list? Just to make me feel better. Happy Monday, loves.

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