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Good morning, cupcakes!!!

Amazing Jessie, hosting an incredible event among bloggers on Thursdays  – got me humbled saying Everyone has at least ONE thing to be thankful for & it only takes a second to share! Yet still – I was dead after work yesterday. It’s going crazy bananas here!

Anyways, YES! I’m so thankful for all of your wonderful comments you are leaving here! They always uplift my mood and draw a huge smile on my face. I feed on them, loves!

And I owe an apology to some people for making mistakes here on by blog. I’m sorry. I’m ashamed. And I apologize sincerely.

Nevertheless, champagne, anyone?champagnevase

I adore my new vase.

Or macaroons? Those came straight from Paris yesterday. Divine.096095

It’s Friday and I have a strong desire to wear a beautiful dress. And a small diamanté tiara. And I still do not know how and where I will spend my free day today – to be honest I do not care. But one thing is certain: I will be a princess. In a pretty dress, dark eyelashes and bare lips, but still – a princess.


And I’ll leave you this too: SOMETIMES Thank you! Love you!

Images (4,5) via tumbrl.com.