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Hey! Have I mentioned that I’m addicted to books? I read at least one during the week. So I was very exited to take up a Positive Month Challenge, one of my favorite bloggers Sooz initiates at The World of Chaos in My Head. And for the Day Two, she has suggested to buy a new book, and indulge in it*. This was a perfect excuse to get a new tome I have wanted for a long time. This red fine leather book – Parisian Chic: A Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange – had to come home with me.

If you are a fan of French women’s effortless style, this book is a MUST on the bookshelf. Not only is it fine, it’s full of great tips too.

However, to be completely honest with you, I was hoping that at least a sizable portion would be devoted to translating the ideal Parisian wardrobe to a variety of figures.  Ines mentions that you should dress for your body type, and yet the only models I saw are the lithe, long limbs of Ines (the premiere model for Chanel in the 80s) and Nine (her daughter a model as well).  Some of the pieces displayed in the book as essential for Parisian style are elusive to a heftier figure.  Why not dress a few chic, curvy women in the same ensemble so we can see for ourselves the universally flattering  wardrobe foundations (if they exist)? But it’s just my personal opinion. Which does not make the book less exiting.

Love the little fine bookmark included, not to mention good advice like this:

Perhaps the book’s greatest appeal lies in the author’s attitude: she refuses to take fashion too seriously and believes it should be lighthearted and fun. Her charm, wit and freewheeling spirit shine through on every page of this endearing book. Who could resist a style guru who advises you to “get dressed listening to Dead Flowers by the Rolling Stones”?

Now I wonder, do you have your personal style? I mean something that’s so You: scarfs, heals, tees or jeans that competes the unique You?

Love, Greta