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P11204951It’s Friday and I think that Fridays should be the days of butter cookies and glitter. Of unexpected messages that make you smile. Of things once lost, then found. Kisses. Natural alarm clock, one that plays quietly and leaves you hanging between the sheets and the dream world a little. Of lights that alone will not save the world but certainly make it a more beautiful place to stay. Of gentle words and gestures.  Or at least the coffee.

It’s Friday and I still have to do a lot of things to do before tomorrow’s party. But a new book on my bedside table keeps calling my name. And the blogs that I adore reading – accompanied by a wonderful masterpiece of jazz music – that shake my thoughts for days. Written by some amazing people that support the knowledge that good things, as well as the beautiful people in the deepest sense of the word, bring the beauty within. That if you pay attention to that magnificence, deep and sincere and contagious, you can almost touch it. And make it yours.

The outfit of tomorrow.jul3jul4

The treat of today.


Can you spot the differences? Hehehe…

Happy Friday, cupcakes!

Love, Greta