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I want to thank you: for your love, for your sweetness, for your fondness. For your trust and for your cheerfulness. For your advice on my last post. Gosh, I wish you were here spending evenings with me watching the raindrops appear on the windowpane, so I could hug and offer you some small gifts – elegant, sophisticated, delicate. Like cups of vanilla tea or a bunch of narcissus that started blooming in my mom’s orangery.

Well, maybe someday.

Today chaos is on my mind. This I’m not very proud of, so I “gift” you with an imperfect me!

I’m a very neat person. I’m a very well-organized person. I like structure, I like tidiness, I like order.

However there are two areas in my life overtaken by the chaos: my office and my bag.

Sneak peak at my work place:lindex-1751lindex-1786059027

And even more chaotic bag!! Which, by the way, weights 6 kilos(at this moment)!!

The usual conversation:

My boyfriend while picking up my bag at the cafe: – What do you have here? Do you need everything in here?

Me: – Yes.

Him: – Are you sure? It weighs a ton!

Me: – Yes, I’m sure. It is not so heavy.

Does this sound familiar?! I know I’m having my daily arm workout while carrying it too!

This is how my bag looked when I emptied it last night.


Man, I forgot my phone and my scarf in the car!!

Don’t tell me you are not carrying your LIFE in your bag?! And you do need everything whats in it. However, if I could pick just tree things as a must – those would be the lip balm, compact powder and the phone.

So I’m very curious are you a neat person? Any places a little chaos is allowed? And what’s in your bag? I know you have no idea, but at least three things you are dependent on?

Have a wonderful February Monday, cupcakes!

Love, Greta