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Hello, it’s Wednesday! Which also means I’m participating in the fabulous WIAW party hosted by Jenn at Peas & Crayons. OK, I ate whatever recently. No plan, no guidance just feeding the hunger not being sure physical or emotional one.. Does this ever happen to you, or it’s just me? Well, but since I did take the pictures, there’s what I ate yesterday:


Post workout plate.

salmon salad

Lunch: salmon salad.


Snack: do I need to comment?

Carrots, broccoli, cottage cheese and homemade meatballs of chicken, eggs, and various spices pofiber.

Dinner 1: homemade chicken meatballs, carrots, broccoli, cottage cheese.


Dinner 2.


Gluten free treats.

Guess, that’s it. Nothing to add maybe except this: I also enjoyed a few more “snacks” (chocolate based mainly) throughout the day… basically some stress-eating. It was one of THOSE days.  My hunger knew no bounds…

And again, does this ever happen to you, or it’s just me? All right, I don’t know what am I asking here, maybe the good kick in the butt that could get me out of that slumber!!

Anyways, enjoy your gorgeous Wednesday, cupcakes and eat well!

Love, Greta.