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Hi, cupcakes! I’ve decided to write a short update on being OK (promise!) as I was so touched by all of your comments on my latest posts (sorry I’ll reply to them as soon as I’m done with my work), emails, facebook and phone messages.

I’m not dying, or lying around, or binging badly. I’m sorry being not so fun here lately, but all of those blues are caused mostly by my work which is become very stressful lately.

Recently besides my main duties for the fashion magazine, I have been working in the castings for so called national fashion’s week!! Yeah.. measuring the young angels and telling them how they fit (or not) for the catwalk!! I can’t describe how triggering that thing is!! Anyone in my place would feel bad about themselves (fat and old and ugly). I guess. Well, maybe.  And on the whole I started questioning whether I’m suitable (mentally and physically) for this kind of job(s).

Take a look what the hell I was doing for the past days.Infekcijos-kastingas_4_Gretos-Gedminaites-fotoInfekcijos-kastingasInfekcijos-kastingas_1_Gretos-Gedminaites-fotonews_one_photo_1_20111024142220115e4e06-a90f-489d-92d3-c2bc4ff0e686Infekcijos-kastingas_7_Gretos-Gedminaites-fotokastingas

So, would you like my job?

Thank you again for caring. This means the world to me!

Have a great Saturday! I’m off to the office. Again.