IMG_5206I got people questioning my sanity and choices. Calling me a hypocrite and a traitor. A bad blogger and the worst blog friend. Well maybe I am. Maybe blogging is truly not my thing.

First I had no idea what a blog really was. Actually I knew them, I followed them, I visited thousands of them but I truly realized their essence, captured their shades, saw their possibilities and their limits, felt into their traps – only when I created one. The “blog” word comes from the contraction of “web-log” and identifies with a lost place inside the crowded Internet world, a little house whose walls are measured a bit. A never-land of our time. The reasons why you decide to open one are endless: for fun or for boredom, for egocentrism or for curiosity. Pushed by the need to talk, following the idea of speaking up, guided by the desire of meeting people who share your passion for stamps or French black and white movies. Someone does it for a job. Or makes it a job. Apart from the starting point, apart from the finishing point, the trip is what really matters. And the capability of staying true to yourself and your style. Getting better every day, looking for new cues, following winds and ideas, listening to advices, making your blog more realistic, more similar to you.

And that’s why I decided to write this unusual post, without any lipstick or heels: I want to hear your voice. I want to know what you look for when you go in these never-lands. What you want to find in these little worlds lost in the middle of nowhere, what you expect from these diaries. And from these Tinkerbells without wings.

And for those who hate or don’t understand me: I don’t want to pretend. I’d rather not be.