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Hola, cupcakes! Enough whining, let’s get celebrating! It’s Wednesday 13-3-13! Cool numbers though they say nothing to me. I’m more into fives, sevens and eights. Yup, I don’t have a favorite number. So when someone asks me to pick a number I… go… really… slow… cause I don’t know!!

Anyway, I have some yesterday’s picks to share with you and bunch of others at Jenn’s Peas & Crayons WIAW gathering.


I still don’t follow any meal plan, well maybe except breakfast – I’m eating it no matter what. Eating to my hunger (at least I try to) and taste. Not putting on any jeans – only dresses (the gorgeous ones) and on the whole looking my best!


Breakfast: lovely Lucie’s pancakes (I mean one giant pancake with shredded coconut, walnuts and dried cherries on top). Seriously addictive stuff. I’ve warned you!


Snack/pre-lunch at the office: chicken with some cucumber and salad dressing. Sharing with colleagues. I’m the best, aren’t I?

Chicken salad with mixed nuts & avocado

Lunch: chicken salad with avocado and mixed nuts.


Snack: mmm. I can’t live without cheese.

taco meat salad

Dinner: taco meat salad with greens. I did go back for seconds and thirds…


Dessert: rice cakes with 70% dark chocolate. I ate the whole pack. Hihihi.

Nom nom! Said the food lover – as I got so hungry while writing this – so I’m off to get some breakfast. Now you, loves, may (or may not) leave me a short “hello” or just answer my silly questions on:

What’s your favorite number (if you have one)?

What about cheese? What kind(s) do you love, or hate?

Have a gorgeous Wednesday celebrating Whatever; life’s too short not to enjoy it today!

Love, Greta