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Like when you realize that the walls are made ​​to be destroyed. And there is no wall that cannot be knocked down.

Like when you take a minute to sit down and catch your breath after a good workout. And smile because of exhaustion.

Like when you think of the reason, yet another one, to lift the chin and gaze up at the Eiffel Tower, all dressed in lights.

Like when you don’t wait for a convincing reason to wear your beloved red dress and to upload your eyes in eye shadow and mascara and dance until there is no more night.

Like when you can clearly perceive that true freedom in cinema at four in the afternoon on Thursday in mid-March.

Like when you feel like soap bubbles. And peanut butter.

Like when you want a new hat.

Like when two coats of Chanel’s nail polish help you to postpone time: as you are still on the bed waiting for it to dry, without any false step, without moving too.

Like when the candles are made ​​to be lit. The bags to be placed on the ground. The sweaters to be worn, one over the other. And the hair to be disheveled, from the sun, wind and frost.

Like when you remember that the only reason, or at least the best, why God, or whoever, there gave you a head is to lose it.  And find him/her. Only to lose it again, and again. Always like the first time. As if you’re in the movie, you’ve never seen. As if you always had the head there, where it should be. In your heart.

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Lose your heads, loves. Today. On Friday.

Or maybe you already did… over a song, a smell, a book, glass of wine or person. Then tell me about it, or the desire to fall in love with some-one(thing)…

Images 1,4,5,8 via tumblr.com