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Happy St Patrick’s Day!

And thank you, Chelsea, for inspiring me to participate (not being Irish or knowing anyone celebrating the date) while going green today!

I kick started my morning with a green smoothie: 2 tbsp spirulina + 1/2 green apple + 1/2 frozen banana + ginger + lemon juice + handful of green kale and spinach + ice.

This was so good! Therefore, I’m planning doing green smoothies for breakfast for a while – as all you know that it is kind of difficult to get in and ALL  the vegetables one should eat in a day.

Also, didn’t I tell you that I’m a fan of green tea? It’s always green or neither. Love drinking it from antique porcelain cups. IMG_1255Plus I also drink these green Chlorella pills (for quite a while), which are considered one of nature’s original superfoods. That word is just flying over the net.


And I will be enjoying some leftover green pea soup with goat cheese from yesterday.


Then I found this picture from two years ago. I believe it was one of my first macaroons (melon?) with some lemon lime juice in Paris (guess who got instantly hooked?) I wish to recollect the nail polish’s color I have used. It’s mesmerizing!


Oh and the flowers; I’ve got these on Friday and I can’t stop smiling every time I enter the room. So beautiful!


At the end I wanted to ask you if you celebrate St Patrick’s day? And what do you think of so called superfoods (spirulina, chlorella etc.)? But since it’s a holiday fell free to comment (or not) on anything green (or orange) or whatever comes to your beautiful mind.

Whether celebrating or not St Patrick’s I hope you are having a blissful Sun-day!

Love, Greta.