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Sometimes we need a change. Of the hair cut or the color of the house walls. The nail-polish or the disposition of pullovers in the closet. The points of the shoes and the jeans cut. The flavor of nut butter and the playlist of our beloved iPod. The objectives and, sometimes, even the whole ideas of life. Therefore, during one of the mid-March Fridays, full of clouds and projects, I decided to change a little bit – while cleaning my body and mind and give up meat and wine for lent until Easter.

It has been five days already and I don’t miss my chicken at all. Well I eat the hell a lot of fish… but  anyways there’s a glimpse of my foods while (as usually) participating at the WIAW party at Peas & Crayons hosted by lovely Jenn.



The morning smoothie. The recipe is here plus I added the whole cucumber.


Continuing with breakfast.


Lunch was pizza on gluten free tortilla wrap with some goat and parmesan cheese. Salad on the side.


Pre-dinner snack: steamed asparagus with some pine nuts.


Dinner: the whole bowl of cod cooked in coconut oil.


Side salad.


And some deliciousness to finish up the day: cottage cheese/greek yogurt/dark chocolate.

Any (little) variations/changes in your lives this Wednesday, loves?

I truly hope that your sky will blow a wind of shining changes and news to all of you. Happy Wednesday, cupcakes!

Love, Greta.