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A line halves a white sheet of paper. On one side To Do list, on the other I Want To list. “I wanna dance with somebody..” spreads from the stereo, while my mom’s words “Duties come before pleasure,” said even too many times during my adolescence, are echoing back to my head. But there are some days when it’s hard to follow her advice. And if it’s a muggy day at the end of March, it is almost impossible. Staying under the sheets reading a terrific book vs. needing to wake up, having a shower and facing the city? The desire of strawberries and homemade chocolate truffles – the only thing residing in my little cupboard. My deep will of spring which will be satisfied only by visiting a flower market near home. The car needs a car-wash and I need a new perfume. Hitchcock is showing at the cinema and no one wants to come with me to watch it. My fridge is waiting for a miracle (me doing the shopping) and I think about a great take-away lunch. Luckily I HAVE a slogan for tomorrow’s sales: the shopping joins the musts and pleasure.

Sorry for making you read my rambles this morning.coffecoffe.jpgą

How is/was your morning?

Have a nice weekend, cupcakes!

Love, Greta.