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Wake up and I’m already late. Because I love sleeping but I love dozing even more, turning over under my duvet and telling myself the three famous words another five minutes.  Black coffee is absolutely essential to pull up the blind. My favorite radio program. The phone is ringing and the computer is turning on. A shower smelling coconut. The fight with my hair. And, at the end, the first real, hard, encounter of my day: meeting with my closet which, is even being full of clothes (and some of them still have H&M label of € 9.99), looks like a desert to my drowsy eyes. And in the front of it, I finally get – my day has already started. And that life is made of choices, sometimes difficult (black skirt or creamy blouse or skinny jeans or blazer?). And that I’ll have to run, even wearing high heels. And that I’ll need to roll up my sleeves. And not just white shirt’s ones.


Despite this all I manage to get my greens. Yes, still hooked on those awesome smoothies.


Later, at the office having full fat yogurt/cottage cheese with frozen raspberries.


A lonely egg somehow makes into my stomach before lunch.


Lunch is at the café: salmon, mashed potatoes and a salad that did not make the picture.


Dinner starts with some broccoli/cheese soup. Boyfriend’s art.

lettuce, apple slices, avocado, parmesan, walnuts and pesto dressing

And continues with the salad: lettuce, apple slices, avocado, radishes, parmesan, walnuts and pesto/olive oil dressing.


Adding finishing touches to the day with a bowl of raspberries with shelled pumpkin seeds and stevia.

I’m managing all that on the run during the busy Tuesday and shooting to participate in WIAW party at Peas&Crayons hosted by beautiful Jenn.


I wish you all a great day!

Oh, is there anything you ALWAYS do during your morning rut?

Love, Greta