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tumblr_lzu5ftJzYt1qicd2nToday we take a break. From work. From annoying food thoughts. Sweaty gyms. From feather skirts and the countless coats of nail polishes. From the lights of the catwalk and the rumors from the backstage. From the cream for shiny hair, the miraculous mascara and the chats among friends about the endless interpretations of a black blazer. Β Let’sΒ  just stop and dedicate 24 hours to the Male Universe. To the other side of the world. To the actors who make us fall in love. To the protagonists of perfect (but unmistakably fake) love stories. To the most enchanting models. To the charming princes, without the white horses, but full of glamor. To the ones who make us dream.

Tell me, my dear, who is the best for you (I know it is so hard!!)?


Images via Tumblr