I’d like to leave my jeans at home and feel the Easter atmosphere in my dresses. With all the silk, lace and feathers dresses, left for such a long time in my closet. Even if I’m at my childhood home, where I used to run in my pajamas all the time. I’d like to start my day slowly: no rush, no alarm-clock and no music. With a breakfast in my bed and a long talk with my mom. I’d like to buy a tulle skirt, improbable and unwearable. But so romantic, which makes me feel like a ballet dancer, out from the theater to walk through the city streets full of little lights. I’d like to walk on the seaside (my parents live by the Baltic sea) in one of still cold days when the cold is so bitter that you must take refuge with a maxi hat and a knitted scarf. I’d like to close my luggage and breath, for some days, home’s air. I’d like to have a hot shower and a massage with perfumed oils. I’d like to own a golden mini dress, which looks like a Vogue’s one. I’d like to make my mascara drip from too many laughs, in front of a glass of wine, with my family. I’d like to sink my hands in the snow, in the cold sea and in a huge quantity of rings. I’d like to live days full of energy, good mood, sweetness and love. I’d like to wish you all the above and a wonderful Easter.


Love, Greta