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I think that friday always looks different from the other days: it seems lighter, more frivolous. Sometimes it could be even cheerful and jaunty. Maybe because it is the last working day of the week, or, as the optimists prefer to say, it’s the first day of the weekend. Maybe because of the casual friday or for the happy hour – dinner – discos, dances and dates. On friday I’m always in a good mood, even if it’s as cloudy as today (such a bad situation for my hair). So after half day of work, listening to some good music and having a great lunch, I’m planning my nighttime: library and shopping.

Goals of this early spring friday? Enroll in a gym (I’ll start on monday of course… of the next week), get a cute short jeans and the red Printed Quilted Cardigan by Zara – New Collection (I know: I’m just a fool!)



What’s your favorite day of the week?

Whatcha doing tonight?

Happy friday, cupcakes!

Love, Greta