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Between saltiness’ smell and will of wearing a maxi pull. Between a cot near the pool and an evening on the sofa with a romantic comedy. Between a lemon ice lolly and a cup of hot tea. Between a camel coat and coral tee. Between trips on scooter and runs in the rain. Between a lip gloss smelling like melon and a touch of red mat lipstick. In the balance between two seasons. With a super-chic dress, that at the end of May will turn into a long, green, white shirt. With black leather which starts, dwelling, timidly, in the shelves of my closet, surrendering to lighter fabrics. With my jeans, which I find out like old friends, resigning and turning into shorts. With a huge black bow, taking me back to school’s desks, now being abandoned. With cotton blazer that comes to life pared with a long dress to keep me company during the evenings on the seaside. Waiting for the Summer to come.. and to wear my beloved Steve Maddens in the first thunder.


I’m sorry, I’m not much here…

Love, Greta