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oCause sometimes it’s good to stop, to sit down on the stairs of a church in the middle of the road, not giving a damn of the white dress. Just to catch your breath. Not do anything, not even wait for someone, something.

Cause it’s good to get lost. Most people would deny it but getting lost sometimes is the only way to find your way. Or to find something. A vintage shop, a little bit of fomo, a timeless shoemaker because they stop the time. Something or somebody. Yourself?

Cause this sun mashes my heart with happiness, so much, I want to dance before 8 o’clock in the morning while the coffee is on the stove.

Cause I’m looking for a long dress, a movie-star one, like those I – yes me, not entirely normal – would wear at home, shoeless. While eating  french macaroons, lying on the couch with a glass of Coca-cola with ice and lemon.

Cause the idea of a placid and nostalgic and opulent and decadent lagoon by night waiting for me makes this Sunday morning romantic.

Cause it would be good having a flamingo at home. Indeed, wonderful.

Cause I love going to the gym in the morning at seven, while Vilnius still dozes because, I tell you – it’s a like a fine young gentleman. And nothing matters if at noon it’s like five pm for me.

Cause breakfast in bed is a moment of negligible happiness.

Cause I’m super in love with my new dress.

“Because we’re always and only where we want to be. The rest is geographical excuse”. And move and get lost and stop and start again. It’s far easier than we might think. Kind of a brave deed, we owe to ourselves.

Happy Sunday, cupcakes!



And I will always love You, Greta.