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044Last night I’ve got an email from my CONSCIENCE.

Yeah, I’ve never though it could be so loud.

But IT made me to take a moment to apologize to those who read, comment and like (used to like) me and all the nonsense I’ve been spreading here.

I was never serious about blogging. Neither I though anyone took me seriously and will be missing my worlds if I quit…

So anyway.

I’m so busy nowadays. I run a couple of serious project on the net and spend 20 hours working. I adore it; I can’t wait for the morning to come to do what I do. I meet wonderful people. I work with fabulous clothes – I live a dream.

Things are not so awesome in my ED zone. I forget to eat; sometimes I do it on purpose in order to fit into some size zero clothes I get for free. So after some restriction sometimes a binge is following. A couple of weeks ago I even went the hospital from a food poisoning – I ate too much.

Anyways I’m here to tell you that I’m SORRY. I hope to be reading more of YOUR blogs. I used to love it.

First thing in the morning.

The silence.

The first coffee.

The computer buzz.