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What do girls want?e348059e40b511e383e922000ae9146d_8

Loads of men wish they knew it, that’s for sure. And sometimes we would like to know that too because it’s not easy to keep after us, not even for ourselves. Chameleonic and restless, and irrational, and romantic – each of us, great and small – and a little bit gipsy, and rough, and erotic, and heroic, and childish. Always, but I don’t dare to say it – stubborn and passionate, and sovereigns of ourselves, and queens of our bodies, and ambitious, and idealists, and sweetly complicated in those bitter days. We want glamor and we want to breath it in everything we do, in the little things around us. Fashion, that make us dream. But also that fashion we can afford, because the life we live is the real life and it’s got nothing to do with catwalks. A bit of make-up that can make us feel absolutely perfect and I don’t mean a couple of quick brushes of mascara but something definitely more secret. We want to go crazy about a lace dress, and a song, and a perfume, and a man. And we want to drive them crazy. A quick recipe of those you can prepare opening the fridge at 8pm. Pulling out the plug during the coffee break. A good movie and a good book. We want to lose our way and find it back. We want the beauty because it makes us feel beautiful. Even laughing at ourselves, when we don’t take ourselves seriously because we just need to laugh to feel safe. We want to travel and dance, and sing, and read, and see, and touch and try this world out as if the entire world was nothing more than a huge shoe shop. Chatting, because we’re women and words are our own field. Sleeping a couple of hours more. Friends who will never leave you, those that hold your hand tight and support you. Love, in the pure state. Unconditional and extreme. The unbearable lightness of being, our being.

Little things. Snob, in my own way. And it’s from here that I start back. And it’s right here that we start back. We start back.

A breath of fresh air, and it’s almost winter. And it’s going to be amazing.



Happy weekend, girls (and boys)!

Love Greta

Pictures 3,5 via tumbrl.com