I eat Paleo/Primal/The Way I Like It Diet.

This means I consume no grains, legumes or sugars.
I’d too tried to recover from eating disorder “properly” – my first attempt was a traditional diet (grain included, I mean being celiac did not gave me much choice, but rice, barley,buckwheat and beans) but, I felt awful. I just couldn’t digest properly. My dietitian said that it’s a common thing after an eating disorder, but it was a nightmare – the pain, gas and bloat. So I began naturally skipping on those. And I felt way better. Of course I was scolded by professionals for that. But I knew that Paleo/Primal thing would work for me for long (hopefully forever).
So I started slowly. Fruit/potato free at the beginning, which after all found a place in my diet. And I couldn’t give up cheese and full fat Greek yogurt. Also dark chocolate (70-99%) stayed on my diet as well. Also I’m not afraid to eat a bite or two, or a piece of a birthday cake, or a cookie that my mom or brother cooks (they are the best) – but those are rare. I don’t consider it cheating, as I’m not on a diet. If I really want something there’s no strict NO-NO! I taste, enjoy and return to my usual, simple and joyful way of eating.

That all. That’s the way I nourish. And the below post are examples of my food and meals.

How to Eat after an Eating Disorder. WIAW – Take One.

WIAW – Take Two!


Snowy Wednesday and What I Ate – Take Three!

picture 023

A Normal Post and WIAW – Take Four!

picture 029

WIA(on Christmas)W – Take Five!


Exhaling Holidays and WIAW – Take Six


WIAW – Take Seven

vistiena bri

A Long Story of One Hot Meal

Saturday dinner: cooked salmon with pesto sauce and potato.

Prince Charming Overtakes the Kitchen. WIAW – Take Eight.


Comfy WIAW – Take Nine


Small Things and WIAW – Take Ten


WIAW – Take Eleven. Birthday Treats.

Some birthday cake at the office.

Unglamorous WIAW – Take Twelve.




1 thought on “EATS”

  1. I am loving all of your eats! Brie on salad – yumyumyum times a million. Kudos to you for everything you have overcome…you are awesome 🙂

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