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Never before at this time has my wish list added something new daily. Beginning with the time. Yes, I need time to get things done. Including breathing. Only a few weeks and then, perhaps, I’ll be able to experience that night in bed, with a movie that conquers the mind and the heart, the one that makes you smile and even though it’s only a movie you feel gifted with a bit of humor and sincerity. One of those nights when your attention is directed to all collections of nail polishes and indecision in front of the variety of colors that takes possession of your thoughts. And maybe a pair of shoes, glittered like those spotted at Zara, stolen from a book of fairy tales for children – to go to lose your voice in front of a piano in one of the city’s bars. And a necklace, that makes me shine and shine. A tour to Ikea, and a change of color in my studio waiting to be dressed for spring. And then a big breakfast on Tuesday with the friends in my favorite café; while being consumed by their stories and laughter forgeting about calories. A weekend of rain that can be a perfect alibi to justify the mad desire to wrap my body in soft blankets, hearing the soft purring of my cats missing somewhere amongst them. If I only had time…homelindex-2188DSC_048974cattumblr_mj3g62atNc1rzwf56o1_500

I’m not complaining. Not at all. I’ve just missed you. Please tell me you are well, or not…

PS I’ve recently found out that my mailbox was spammed and several of my emails (to you and from you) are missing, I sincerely apologize and ask you to be patient until it’s fixed.