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parisThis morning, an unexpected message from Nicole, has shaken up my sleepy brain  a bit: “Greta! I’m drinking wine and need something to read. Publish!” And my instant response to that was “I wish!”

I do. And the brain that does not obey orders seems valueless.

Feels hollow.

Nothing to say… or tell.

Reading blogs and having zero ideas to respond. I think my mind is clearly overworking.

Doing two jobs: at school in the morning and at Cosmopolitan in the afternoon. They both are fun and I can’t pick one over another. I love what I do.

Eating well. Promise.


Cheating on gym for more than a month.

Going to bed at 10 pm and waking up at 5 to have a decent morning  in my mini flat, where jeans, shoes and blazers have difficulty finding place as I live between my house in the suburbs and the city.


Spending two days in Paris and returning with this:


Becoming an aunt (for the first time); as my brother’s little princess welcomes this world last Wednesday (so light and tall – clearly a model.)

Loving sushi and pizza (paleo style.)


Dreaming of traveling, traveling and more traveling.

Spending late weekend nights watching romantic movies, with a glass of cold white wine, a big tray of cheeses and my sweetheart.

Hating Vilnius’ pavement, humidity, horror movies and white boots. People who don’t  laugh and traffic when I’m late.


Wishing to wake up (if possible not before 7.00) always with a smile .. and hair in trim. Wishing for more time and ideas to have a wonderful time with you. If you have any questions .. I’m here!

Love, Greta