Ok. I am the kind who blogs for fun. You know, putting words, thoughts, sentences together, producing paragraphs. Making (some) sense. Or not. Creating a post. Adorning it with some wonderful pictures I’ve been saving forever for my personal inspiration. It’s fun! Have you tried it? Hehe! However the most fun comes from the feedback I get of those small hobby like creations. (Dear, WordPress, I’m forever grateful for that LIKE button.) I always go kind of:roflbot3Everyone who comments here have been so wonderful throughout all of those times! You rock, people! Thank you!

However recently, missing some action in my comment sections, I’ve checked my stats (I rarely do) and notice quite a number of people who DO drop by this site. roflbot421912069roflbot1

roflbotThis leaves me to speculate about what are people thinking as they pass through these posts. Here are my thoughts about why they don’t leave a comment.


Leave me a comment. PLEASE!.  If it’s easier just enter a number.

1. It was such a wonderful post that I don’t have anything to add.

2. I have a policy never to comment.

3. I fell asleep.

4. I want to remain anonymous.

5. I don’t want to associate with people/blogs who have/had eating disorders. You, maniac!

6. I don’t comprehend what you are saying/asking.

7. I don’t have anything to say.

8. It’s just too much trouble.

9. What’s a comment?

10. The post sucked!